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Criminal Defense

"I've made a mistake...what do I do?"

There are few times more frightening, damaging or disrupting as when one has been charged with a criminal offense. Whether it is yourself or a loved one, being involved with the criminal justice system can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate through. Never forget that you have the right to an attorney to help with this process.

Johnson Law Firm focuses its criminal practice in the areas of DUI defense, domestic violence, drug possession and assault. Our experience in these areas allows us to fully delve into every aspect of your case and provide the best defense possible. Our expertise in these and other areas have lead to dismissal of charges, acquittals at trial and favorable plea bargains. Our success has allowed our clients to maintain their dignity, freedom and reputation. It's never too late in the criminal justice process to hire an attorney to best represent your interests.


Don't let finances stop you from proper representation.