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Personal Injury

"I've been in an accident, what do I do?"

Suffering injuries and damages due to another's negligence can be scary and is usually painful, physically as well as emotionally. Unfortunately, there is no instruction manual on how to protect you and your loved one's rights. Very often there are lasting consequences for innocent victims, from brain and spinal cord trauma to broken bones and soft tissue injuries. In trying times, the process of being made whole can seem daunting. We are dedicated to protecting your rights and seeing you and your loved ones through every step of the recovery process, no matter how big or small.

At Johnson Law Firm you will find we have over 23 years of experience in every type of personal injury action. From car accidents to animal bites, work accidents to slip and falls, we are here for you. Whether it's through aggressive negotiation tactics or meticulously preparing for trial, our clients interests always come first. We aren't afraid of insurance companies and our past success shows we never shy away from a challenge.


Don't let finances stop you from proper representation.